To sell a home for every dollar it ís worth, talk to a real estate expert, a licensed RealtorÆ. While you may enjoy researching real estate values on your own, much of the information you will find is either outdated or just plain incorrect.

Plus, all your research won't take into account one important factor: not all homes are created equal. Your home's unique personality, used in the right way, can increase its appeal to potential buyers.
To find out what your home is worth, a licensed Realtor will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which shows the prices of comparable recently sold homes, homes currently on the market homes, and homes that were on the market, but weren't sold. You can get this accurate report of your home's value by clicking the link above "What is your home worth" and completing a simple form.
Here are 5 other time-tested strategies to help understand how much your home is worth:

1. Abandon your personal point of view.
Buyers care more about how they see using the home than about how much you paid for it or how many memorable moments your family shared there. It's a shame, but true.

2. Do your own market research.
You may talk to your neighbors to learn more about homes selling in your neighborhood. When you compare yours, consider location, size, amenities, and condition. BUT you should ALWAYS talk to a PRO!

3. Consider RECENT upgrades.
Upgrades are an important consideration, but only if they're recent. Major improvements can also benefit you, especially if they're in the bathroom and kitchen, but be realistic about the present condition of the improvements. A 10-year old kitchen is NOT a new kitchen.
Make a list of all improvements youíve undertaken since buying your home.

Include (for example):
New roof
New windows (especially energy efficient)
New carpets and/or hardwood floors
Major kitchen and bathroom improvements
New furnace
New hot water heater
New paint and/or wallpaper
Alterations / Additions

4. Consider market conditions.
Are homes in your area selling quickly or languishing? Will your home be on the market in the strong home-buying season? Are interest rates attractive? Is the economy strong? Is it a buyer's market or a seller's market? Is the local job market healthy or are employees facing layoffs?

5. Sweeten the deal.
If you're willing to close within 60 to 90 days, you'll attract buyers who want to move in right away. You may also be able to contribute to your buyerís closing to help facilitate a deal.

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